Is your business entitled to an R&D refund from the HMRC?

If businesses create or improve existing processes, products or services they become eligible to claim Research & Development tax relief. Regardless of the industry or sector, innovative businesses can make an “R&D” claim to receive either a cash payment or a reduction in their tax bill. We are experts in dealing with R&D claims in the Construction, Manufacturing & Engineering Sectors. Many businesses do not realise the work they do on a daily basis makes them eligible to claim R&D.

Complete the R&D Eligibility Check form and we confirm within 24 hours if your business qualifies.

A dedicated R&D Tax Expert will liaise with you to identify the R&D value.

A report is produced and submitted by your R&D Tax Expert who deal directly with HMRC on your behalf.

The claim is normally settled and paid within 6 weeks.

R&D Eligibility Check

Your Questions Answered

Almost every business qualifies for an R&D claim. It is not restricted to scientific progress. Any business that has processes, services or products could be applicable. There is not a “set in stone” approach that either rules a business in or out. The only way to find out if your business qualifies is to use our free eligibility checker.

In most cases we will require a copy of the business’s last two years accounts.

Not all accountants understand the R&D process and more importantly how a claim can be quantified. We strongly advise dealing with one of our R&D tax partners to obtain the highest refund possible.

Using our knowledge and available expertise of this area, we can assist you in checking the eligibility of a claim.

There are literally thousands of different reasons a business could make a claim. It is entirely dependent on the nature of each business and the operating mechanisms used.

Yes, the size of your business doesn’t matter, any business could qualify.

We do not charge a fee for any of our work. If we do not believe you qualify for a refund, then there are no fees to pay. If the Tax experts we introduce you to are successful then their fees are applicable.

It’s a very simple process. Complete the free eligibility check and we can begin the process for you.

Unlock your businesses hidden wealth.

We are experts in R&D Claims for businesses in the Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering sectors. Contact us today to see if your business qualifies and how much it could be refunded from the HMRC.